I had a civil service job interview quite a few years ago, when I was a in my very early twenties. The interview was in Holborn, City of London and for the position I had to have 5 GCE'S, the equivalent of 5 GCSE'S - A TO C grades. I thought I could blag my way through it, so I proceeded to attend, considering I really only had 1 GCE in Art.

I dressed smartly and put on heirs and graces when I arrived. As I sat waiting in the office to be called into the interview room, a woman came to me and said " We won't be long, we are just checking with your past secondary school about your qualifications." I politely replied, " No problem." but inwardly began pooping myself.What was I gonna do now? So my mind started racing, trying to calculate what my next move should be. I then said to the lady sitting opposite me, quietly typing away, " Excuse me, is it possible for me to use the toilet?",
to which she replied, " Yes of course." then she proceeded to take me to the toilet.

As we got to the toilet she said, " Would you like me to wait for you?" In my mind I thinking " Oh Hell No" but I, with a smiling face replied, " No, that's fine, I think I can find my way back." so she left me. 
Within 20 seconds, I stuck my head out of the door and looked up and down the corridor. The coast was clear. So I darted down the corridor like I was running from a bullet and ran out of the building like a shot.

Now, this is where conscience is a brut sometimes. I began to panic, thinking, what if somebody comes looking for me? so rather than head for home, I saw the big familiar M  for McDonalds and headed straight towards it.
I ordered a cup of tea and sat in a corner seat, nervous that someone would recognise me from the building I was fleeing. Then out of the blue I saw my friend John, who was the manager of the Holborn Branch at the time and he asked me why I looked so suspicious. When I told him my reasons, he burst out laughing, and so did I. 

So you see, it really doesn't pay to be who you are not.                


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